You cannot be informed if you only listen to one side


August 4, 2022

To The Eagle:

Some weeks ago there was an article about turning democracy into autocracy. My letter along with my friend’s letter were both in the following week. What I found interesting is the diametrically opposed interpretation of the same information available to all who seek truth. Seems that truth is more subjective than I had imagined. When asking friends what they are making of the January 6th hearings, some say that they don’t listen/watch because it’s obviously fake news. How would they know that without attending to them? Because FOX tells them? Banana Republic here we come. Will our opposing viewpoints make me less likely to share a meal with my friend from the island? Of course not. The price of everything might but not our views on the issues. We’re both considered old men, 79 and 84 and have learned to live with our differences. Would pray our nation do as well.

James Roberts



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