Democrats persecuting insignificant protesters


August 11, 2022

To The Eagle:

Crazy times we are living in, no? Prices for everything are soaring; the national debt has been raised again while we send billions to Ukraine in the newest forever war. Our strategic debacle in Afghanistan has our own military turning on its own with politicized brass more worried about the politics of soldiers than the threat of foreign armies. Our public schools across the country continue to repay poor academic performance with less STEM and civics and more gender bending curriculum. The summer riots of 2020, in which 30 people were killed and 2 billion in damages sustained yet no investigation by Congress or the DOJ into this.

In fact, rioters were publicly supported and bailed out with huge GoFundMe accounts. Still, the Democrats are persecuting the small and insignificant Jan.6 protesters, some of which have been jailed since that day, labeling them dangerous insurrectionists. An insurrection of Viking helmet wearing selfie takers with no guns. The big news from legislation out of DC is that Democrats can’t protect our borders but can hire 87,000 new IRS agents to hound us. (Btw there is not enough tax revenue to glean from the top 1% to pay the salaries of these new IRS bureaucrats so they will be harassing the other 99%.) And now the home of our former president has been raided by the FBI on orders from the Biden Administration. Banana republic is what we are becoming.

We had affordable energy under President Trump. It kept us free and prospering but after the Democrat takeover, it has been squandered and our wealth and strategic resources are depleted. Biden and the Democrats in Congress are pleading with totalitarian oil states like Venezuela and Iran, who also lock up their political enemies complete with show trials, for oil resources. I guess local Democrats prefer inflation, recession and energy policy from a 19 year old Swede. But, hey, no mean Tweets. Enjoy.

Mike Swift



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