Recommendation for alternate facts offered


August 11, 2022

To The Eagle:

Mr. Puddicombe suggests in last week's Eagle that those of us holding views that conflict with the wisdom and sagacity of the editor should use paid ads rather than letters to the editor. When I complained about election fraud in Nov of 2020, our editor accused me (in print) of writing "fiction," and announced he would print no further letters on the subject. I responded by offering to put the info in a paid ad rather than a letter. His response to me via email:

"If we don't think your letter deserves publication because of falsehoods, why would we stoop to publish it as a paid ad? We're not going there. Rick"

In our books, that's a masterful blend of cancel culture and condescension. Mr. Puddicombe also correctly observes that much of the public is informed by social media, to which we would add that most Wahkiakum residents are apparently smarter than that. Two recommendations: the Dinesh D'souza movie 2000 Mules (election fraud) and the Epoch Times Jan 6 documentary -- all stuff you are unlikely to ever see in The Eagle.

Howard Brawn



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