Previous conspiracies later proven as fact


August 18, 2022

To The Eagle:

Censorship is still alive and well on the editorial pages of The Wahkiakum County Eagle. The following comments are in regard to your Letter to the Editor policy changes published in the July 14th edition.

Yes, as publisher and editor of the WCE, I agree you have full control of what you permit to be printed. But who decides what is ‚Äúdisinformation?‚ÄĚ

History has shown us many times that what is considered disinformation or conspiracy theory by individuals and institutions in their day, when explored by historians and other investigators later, has been proven as fact.

Fact does not depend upon who has the largest megaphone to shout down even the smallest of voices. Often, that small, courageous and usually lonely, voice raises a question that needs to be fully investigated.

Let those opinions be heard and the individuals hearing or seeing those remarks make their own decision about their validity. All sides of a question must be heard for one to be able to make an informed decision.

Again, as I stated in a previous letter, one of the principles our country was founded upon was the ability of individuals to freely express their opinions on any subject, no matter how much anyone else detests or disagrees with that opinion.

Donald Peek

Wausau, WI


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