Time to bring civics back to classroom


August 18, 2022

To The Eagle:

Our challenge as citizens is to not go down the rabbit hole leading to chaos and civil war. Let us not forget the rallying cry of Germany in 1939 was Germany First while on our shores there were more than just a few proclaiming America First. The American hue and cry died down after our country entered WWII. The same forces then are back with the same mantra and goals except the current crop seems to either have forgotten or rather chooses to ignore where the rabbit hole ended up. For the non interested let me remind them that several millions of Jewish and others deemed not Aryan enough were systematically murdered by their government. On a slightly different tack, we have some in our congress that claim religion should be in charge of society even though it was expressly forbidden by our constitution. These are some of the same folks that don’t understand why civic minded voters are appalled at the very idea of Trump getting back in the White House. He as much as said the constitution was getting in his way. That alone should disqualify him from running again. Me thinks it’s time to bring civics back into the classrooms so our youngsters will have a better idea of what our constitution and country are supposed to be like.

James Roberts



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