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To The Eagle:

As the chairs of both county parties, we want to thank Sheriff Howie for attending our party meetings this past week, and explaining the communications sales and use tax that will be on our ballot in November. Yes, we are already heavily taxed, however, this is a specific tax to Wahkiakum County that will benefit the safety of our citizens and our first responders! It is not a property tax. Our communication systems are outdated. They don't have the coverage we need to be safe. The last update was in 2005, and it was only a partial upgrade. The tax balances out to 20 cents per 100 dollars spent in Wahkiakum County. We are both proud to announce that our parties have endorsed this sales and use tax, and we strongly encourage everybody to look into it and support it! Contact either of us, or the Sheriff's Office, or any Fire Hall to learn more. This money is guaranteed for the sole purpose of supporting our county's radio communication systems. Can you imagine trying to use a cell phone from 2005?

Jessie Westcott, Chair, Wahkiakum County

Republican Party

Ron Wright, Chair, Wahkiakum County

Democratic Party

**Wahkiakum County Emergency Radio System


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