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Fate of Democracy hangs on your ballot

To The Eagle:

The fate of free and fair elections in the United States hangs in the balance in this November’s midterm contests. In races for those offices with authority over US elections, Republicans have nominated anti-democracy candidates who have embraced or echoed Donald Trump’s myth of a stolen election in 2020.

In the once-sleepy down-ballot contests for secretary of state, Trump loyalists are targeting positions that will play a critical role in supervising the next presidential election, with intent to turn the secretary of state contests this year into expensive, legalistic, partisan showdowns. They will sow doubts about the results of any election their party loses, by crying ‘fraud’ or by trying to subvert it outright. It’s already happening.

GOP leadership has made it clear they intend to weaponize the offices of the secretaries of states by subverting them into tools of their ongoing campaign to restrict, obstruct, dispute and deny voters’ rights as they pursue their Republican anti-progressive, anti-civil-rights, anti-democracy agenda.

Preserve our democracy, and your right to vote, upon which it depends. Be sure to vote in the upcoming midterms against the Republican’s anti-American agenda.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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