Biden called them as he saw them


September 8, 2022

To The Eagle:

Joe Biden knew what a thankless task his presidency would be, yet he stepped up and firmly grasped that nettle, instead of retiring from a lifetime of federal politics. During his long public service, he learned. He evolved through personal acumen, with compassion, and innate decency. He responded to his party’s call to oppose an authoritarian presidential bully who was ultimately defeated by voter’s hopes that Biden could restore that decency to the leadership of this nation. Ending the fruitless 20 year crusade against Afghanistan’s regressive, misogynist religious fanatics was long overdue. One administration after another kicked that can down the road. Of course, Biden is being held responsible for that ostensible ‘failure.’ Likewise, he is now blamed for a turbulent domestic economy slowly emerging from the economic ravages of a worldwide pandemic, only to be buffeted anew by the economic fallout of Russian aggression.

Putin’s attempts to exterminate the free nation of Ukraine and resurrect the corpse of the Soviet empire threatens to engulf greater Europe. President Biden is unflinchingly overseeing America’s resurgence as the arsenal of democracies, as it was 77 years ago during the worldwide war to defeat the forces of fascism.

In his recent speech regarding the protection and preservation of the soul of our democracy, the President spoke plainly and with urgency about anti-democratic, fascistic MAGA radicals threatening America’s integrity. He called them as he sees them - for what they are - and he’s right.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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