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September 15, 2022

To The Eagle:

Wake up people of USA--voters and a recent writer: Seems there are too many following information from social networks, not bothering with a little research, which is so readily available to us all. Seems some still don’t think covid was real. [Former President Trump] 45 has endorsed some candidates who deny democracy.

The 2020 election was a great message from voters. Sadly, many from the losing side are now not believing in democracy and the vote. The counting and recounting, even with 45’s special ninjas, found no fraud against Trump; instead there was some fraud by the GOP voters.

As a private citizen, I have had my house raided, caught cheating on my taxes and notified to testify. Much appreciated the support from my friends at the time; came home to empty bank accounts and bills due; paid back taxes; proved in court the raid was unfounded, and I freely testified. Seems many elected Republicans, from former president down, don’t think they should be subject to such justice.

I continued to believe in this great country, while some of the fore mentioned are willing to tear it down for their own grievances of being caught cheating on their taxes. By the way, I also got a good accountant who got my taxes down by legitimate measures.

My message is simply to vote for the best people you can; take the time to study them, not just R or D, Blue or Red. Where are they on: Equal rights, voting rights, privacy rights, women’s rights, SS, Medicare and justice for all, as we pledge to the flag.

Poul Toftemark



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