Writer has issues with name calling


September 15, 2022

To The Eagle:

Dear Sir, I was under the impression that you, the Editor, would no longer print letters full of misinformation.

When I read last week’s letter from Mr. Bouchard I had to assume you were on vacation and out of the office for that letter to get published.

The letter was full of so much misinformation I found it hard to accept even a Liberal could believe that bunch of baloney, or should I say malarkey, like the term President Biden often uses.

President Trump did more for this country in his four years in office than Biden in his 50 years of self service; oops I mean, uh, public service.

One last point: I am sick and tired of the labels Liberals like to throw around such as Racists, Fascists and all the other disgusting terms they aim at people like my wife and I who are not dumb enough to buy in to Socialism, open borders, teaching young school children about sex at inappropriate ages like eight year olds, or how about teaching kids to be racists with that Critical Race Theory racist itself nonsense, or do your best to destroy our economy and the middle class at your altar of climate change, global warming or whatever name you give it this year.

Sue and I served our country in the Army, my brother Ken died from injury and illness from his time serving in Vietnam, so stick your ugly labels where the sun don't shine.

Therefore it is one thing to disagree with someone's opinion, but it is not OK to throw your stupid Liberal verbal insulting terminology around and apply to people that in my opinion are much less "deplorable" than many of you Liberals.

I respect President Joe Biden as much as I do Hunter Biden; oops I did it again.

Paul Schreiber



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