Access to literature broadens young minds


September 29, 2022

To The Eagle:

One of the ‘side effects’ of keeping an open mind is that scammers, shifty politicians and other professional liars keep trying to toss their trash into it. They depend upon people believing just about anything. Consider these few examples.

1- Critical Race Theory (CRT): Dishonest political opportunists push two lies about this. First, that CRT is all about White people being oppressors while Black people remain oppressed victims. The other lie is that CRT, a university level subject matter, is being taught to children in grade school.

Scholars are not arguing that White people living now are to blame for past injustice. They are saying that today’s White people need to recognize the impact persistent racism has had, and still has, on America.

2- Trump’s Big Lie: America’s new 51st State of Denial is well populated despite incontrovertible evidence that Trump, and his myth of a stolen election, are frauds. Be brave. Face the facts.

3- Library censorship: Reactionary conservatives are advocating school, and even public, library censorship ‘to protect children.’ Book banning efforts are spreading across the country through conservative social media and political campaigns.

Right-wing political action committees like ‘Moms For Liberty,’ funded by dark money and posing as ‘concerned citizens’, are attempting to ban or restrict access to 1,651 different titles for youths, with content featuring either a Liberal slant on gender and sexuality, or the perspectives of Black authors.

Protecting unlimited access to literature that broadens young minds is their best protection against the narrow minded.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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