This disabled Vet's shoes fit just fine


September 29, 2022

To The Eagle:

I am MAGA and proud of it. What does that mean? Well let’s have a look. First I believe our children should be educated and not indoctrinated in school.

I believe our borders must be secured so we can allow those in that can obey our immigration laws by filing properly for entrance and prove that once here they will not become a burden on hard working Americans.

I believe criminals should be treated like criminals and not better than their victims as many Democrat lefties seem to have forgotten. Our streets must be safe and the criminals should be kept off of them.

I believe in the Bill Of Rights without exception and those rights must be afforded to all Americans regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or any excuse someone may assert in an attempt to deny those rights.

I believe we need to make needed products: Medicines, steel and all items related to national defense here in America where we have the best and brightest workers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

I believe our government must never be allowed to weaponize law enforcement at any level to go after a citizen for political reasons with the sole purpose of ruining someone's life and bankrupting them as has been done to many innocent people with conservative views, which in my opinion is a new, even for the Democrats.

I believe life begins at conception. You call it what you like but it will never be anything but a baby. Are there those that have a different view? Of course, but I know we should be able to agree that there is no right under the sun to kill a baby after a point where that baby is viable and for God's sake not nine months partial birth as many Democrats advocate.

There are many other things that I could say but I refuse to be put on the defensive by liberal name callers and the like.

I couldn't help but notice the Democrats didn't wait until after the election to stick it to us with $5.69 a gallon gas. Man, has that party lost touch with We the People or what?

I also want to say to my liberal letter writing friend that this 100 percent Disabled Veteran’s shoes fit just fine.

Paul Schreiber



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