Where is the Republican party?


October 6, 2022

To The Eagle:

Steve Bannon (Trump’s pardoned chief strategist) helped get Mussolini’s party back in power, 70 years after he was hung upside down. Giorgia Meloni and her far-right party, along with Hungary's autocratic leader tells U.S. conservatives to join his culture war, at CPAC. Ted Cruz calls CPAC crowd "dangerous radicals" to raucous applause, obviously in ‘jest’ for fodder. After winking at QAnon for years, Donald Trump is overtly embracing the baseless conspiracy theory, even as the number of frightening real-world events linked to it grows.

I keep thinking, we still have good Republican leaders, who do not follow the extreme far right. If that is so, I don’t hear them. What I see and hear, is those who speak up, are drummed out. Meanwhile the rest cower in silence, fearing the far right’s hammer. Have we not learned from history? Silence is compliance. Brazil being engulfed by its own internet-fueled big lie, copied from Trump, who copied it from Hitlers Big Lie campaign that worked for him. What also helped, it was seen as a minor phenomenon on the lunatic fringes of German politics. The dramatic ascent of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler began in 1923 when Germany was facing economic hardship.

Inflation today, here and throughout the world, is a serious problem, causing serious discord, clamoring for change. What change will we vote for? Educate yourself before you vote and choose wisely. I was born under Nazi occupation, so not so long ago.

Poul Toftemark



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