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Dan Bigelow, the best choice

To The Eagle:

If you were a victim of assault, fraud or any number of serious crimes, who would be the best choice to represent you in a court of law? Wouldn't it be someone with the qualifications, skills and experience to successfully prosecute your case, using sound objective legal advice?

Dan Bigelow is such a person. He has spent decades developing a body of experience in both misdemeanor and felony cases as defense and prosecuting attorney. His qualifications began with a law degree in 1991 at the University of Puget Sound. He has continued to improve his skills so that now our county is blessed with a unique individual who fills so many rolls that they make up the job description for this elected position.

In addition to prosecutor Dan is acting coroner, death investigator, EMT on 24 hour call, compassionate sounding board for bereaved citizens, and advisor to county government officials on legal and public safety issues. He also teaches death investigation and State level ethics classes.

How many of all these skills does Dan's opponent have? In contrast, Holly McKeen is a young woman with family obligations that could limit her ability to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day let alone understand the complexities of death and dying. She worked a few years in a Longview law office helping to prepare mostly misdemeanor cases. She has minimal experience in felony jury trials. She has a certificate to practice law but no actual law degree, similar to the difference between a GED and a highschool diploma.

No doubt Holly McKeen will work to improve her qualifications over time, but when you need help wouldn't you want someone now who really knows his job and will serve you with integrity and respect?

Wankiakum County needs Dan Bigelow. Politics and religion aside, he has my vote. Please give him yours also.

Lynette Wright

Puget Island


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