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Kent is totally against women and their needs

To The Eagle:

Like most of you I just received the voters' pamphlet. While reading through the folks running for congress I was stunned by the entry of Mr. Kent. Like him I'm an Eagle scout and a veteran. There the similarity ends. At 79 I'm several decades his senior and have attained a certain amount of knowledge apparently unknown or worse yet ignored by young Mr. Kent.

History of 1930's Europe reveals eerily similar trends to his campaign. Germany First=America First. Championing the Big Lie. Lying about the current congresswoman who has served exceptionally well until she voted against Trump. She has been busy working on the sea lion problem and working for our county and district. She lost in the primary so we get to start over with a new representative.

The question is do we want a warrior whose resume is filled with combat experience and war college education or a thoughtful person with actual business experience and a degree in economics from Reed College?

He is totally against women and their personal very private needs. Kent's priorities are just nuts! Further examine the 2020 election? Seriously? That ship has already sailed over the horizon. Impeach the president and vice president? Good grief. If one must hold their nose to do it, please vote for Perez. This is beyond political party. Our district and country need her more than a warrior.

Jim Roberts



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