Let's reelect Dan Bigelow


October 13, 2022

To The Eagle:

Dan Bigelow has done a fine job as our Prosecuting Attorney. I doubt very much that anyone could perform this job at a higher level. He has far more experience than his opponent, and has been performing public service for our county for over 30 years. He listens, asks, and clearly understands the issues before he makes a decision. With every interaction we’ve had, Dan has always been thoughtful and reasonable. I’m sure there are some who’ve been unhappy with the outcome of their case, but he rules with careful thought.

Dan Bigelow has been a volunteer EMT for many years, and we were glad to see him coming when we needed him. He’s got deep roots here, and he understands the complexity of relationships found in a rural community. Though Dan Bigelow seldom toots his own horn, his family has played a long-running part in shaping our local history.

His great-great grandparents worked hard to promote Women’s Suffrage and Education. They were also against slavery. (Unfortunately, they also promoted prohibition, but not to worry, that didn’t fly!) There’s a museum in Olympia that carries his family name. It’s the home his great-great grandfather, Daniel R. Bigelow, built in the 1850s, one of the oldest homes in the state. His great-great grandma, Alma Kent, descended from a land claim in the 1840’s in Wahkiakum. That’s why the bridge that crosses the Elochoman River at Wages Hole is called Kent’s Bridge.

Let’s reelect Dan Bigelow. Besides being an excellent Prosecuting Attorney, he’s a vital small-community volunteer who has always been reliable for us. He’s an integral part of this community and he exercises very good judgement.

Vicki Bucklin

Puget Island


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