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October 13, 2022

To The Eagle:

This story applies to any group of people who live as a family unit, where there is an aggressor and one or more victims of abuse.

David kept his eyes on his cereal bowl, avoiding eye-contact with his mother, who was sitting across from him. He didn’t want to see the bruises on her face or the look of defeat, he knew he would find there (again). He put his bowl in the sink, slung his backpack over his shoulder and mumbled “bye”, as he slammed out the door.

David arrived in his Human Development/Family Studies Class, where they were having a guest speaker. The topic “The Cycle of Family Violence”. David felt like the lecturer was talking directly about his family. The Speaker ended the presentation by saying: “Domestic violence is a family disease that thrives in an environment of secrecy. The dysfunctional family rules of ‘Don’t Talk; Don’t Trust; Don’t Feel and Don’t Rock The Boat’, can only succeed if the rules are followed. Breaking the silence is the first step in getting help for the whole family, so healing can begin.”

When class was over, David jammed a brochure into his jacket pocket, when no one was looking. Maybe it was time to “rock the boat”.

If you or someone you care about is being hurt, talk to your school counselor or call:

Charlotte House at (360)-795-0806 or The National Hotline for Domestic Violence at (800)-799- 7233. It’s free and confidential.

Patricia Goodwin

(Editor: Because of a misunderstanding, the print edition stated the letter writer was associated with The Charlotte House. She has informed us that she isn't but is a retired social worker with 25 years experience in the field.)


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