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VFW asks for submissions

Submitted by Mike Allen

It is that time of year again when our local veterans group presents an award to an outstanding law enforcement officer in Pacific or Wahkiakum County. As you may know the award is in honor of Washington State Patrol Trooper Gene Bolstad who died on duty 64 years ago trying to rescue a teenager caught in a strong rip current in the surf at Long Beach.

The purpose is to recognize exemplary performance by individual officers identified by the general public or by their peers or supervisors. Eligibility is for any current (or former) law enforcement officer who has demonstrated exemplary performance and initiative, and/or excellence in personal interaction with the public. Nominations are gladly accepted from private citizens. Nominations of just a short paragraph or so should be submitted to to Gene Strong at or to Mike Allen at Please let us know. We believe it is critical to honor those that serve the public. This message has been sent to other departments throughout the county. After reviewing all nominations the final selection will be made by our organization as soon as possible.

We hope to present the award on November 12 at the Astoria Country Club, during the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. If your nominee is selected it would be our pleasure to pay for the dinner of the honoree and members of his immediate family as well as for you and your guest.


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