Are we better off today than yesterday?


October 20, 2022

To The Eagle:

American voters must decide if they like our runaway inflation at the grocery store and gas station. Federal Reserve, in Forbes article, promised to devalue our US dollar. We are seeing the nasty effects in our economy. The next few years look bleak, as both state and federal taxes are increasing and destroying any pay raises we receive. Then our President said the “Pandemic is Over.” But, oddly many hurtful mandates still continue. Are we truly better off today, than we were last year?

Congressional leadership promises bigger tax hikes are coming, especially for unrealized gains in our retirement savings. No offset for unrealized loss is being planned. Lobbyists are busy securing tax deductions, exemptions and credits for large corporations, but not for small business. Any new business taxes will be passed onto the consumer (you and me) in higher prices.

Most troubling is when state and federal taxes continue to increase. It means for many, we can no longer afford our charitable contributions to schools, food banks, hospitals, Special Olympics, veteran programs, Boys Town, 4-H, PBS, etc. Basically, our government dependency is growing, while individual self-sufficiency and personal charitable contributions are dwindling. Taxes are for critical government need, not to be political handouts to legislative chosen groups. We the People suffer daily for it. Your vote will decide, more economic pain and suffering on Main Street, or getting back to having the personal ability to help yourself and others. Please vote wisely.




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