Bigelow combines care with empathy


October 20, 2022

To The Eagle:

I am writing to share my experience with Dan Bigelow, Wahkiakum County prosecutor.

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in our county in my last 17 years living and working here. These are often with state agencies and contractors as partners on grants with multiple deliverables. Dan, in his role as prosecutor, reviews contracts and agreements to ensure Wahkiakum County is protected, and that contracting processes are done correctly. With grant projects usually having tight timelines, this is no small task. For example, Dan went above and beyond in his work on a construction contract with a quick turnaround, working through final details with me via email and phone at 7 a.m., so I could present to officials for approval that morning. We could not have completed the project without his help.

In addition to his work protecting the county’s interests, Dan also serves as coroner. I’ve seen first hand how Dan serves with compassion and professionalism in this very difficult role in our community. He stayed with my family after a recent death as we waited for next steps. After he carefully completed the tasks necessary as coroner, he listened quietly as my family talked through what to do next, and answered questions as we had them. He and his assistant went above and beyond that day, providing much needed light during a dark and confusing time. I’ve also seen Dan at work as a volunteer EMT. He has a special ability to combine skillful care with empathy and compassion for people in crisis.

I’m writing to my experience, and thank you for the opportunity to share in this way.

Carrie Backman, Puget Island


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