Liberal writers distort the truth


October 20, 2022

To The Eagle:

Well, as is almost always the case, when I send a letter to The Eagle, the following week there comes a number of liberal writers sending letters in bunches to distort the truth with their misinformed spin.

One writer blames the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for the rise in the price of energy, ignoring the fact that the Biden administration shut down pipelines, leases to drill on Federal lands and ANWAR, etc.

Biden and the Democrats that worship at the Altar of Climate Change should keep in mind the climate changes four times a year whether you stop cows from farting or not.

Another writer blames corporate greed for inflation. Really, maybe he should have considered the fact that because Biden and the Democrats have spent money like drunken sailors fueling inflation, any idiot should know that it takes a lot of energy to produce products, then ship those products. Biden policies, not corporate greed, are the reason we have inflation.

We were even blessed with a letter from New Jersey. I grew up in the New York-New Jersey area and believe me, you will find plenty to write about back there, spare us please.

One writer asks where is the Republican Party? My guess is they are very busy taking back the House and Senate.

A letter purporting to be from a Conservative that supported Jaime Herrera Beutler suggesting that all us Republicans should vote for the Democrat candidate in the 3rd district doesn't really pass the smell test, now does it?

Please accept my apology to drunken sailors everywhere for comparing them to the Biden Administration.

Paul Schreiber



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