Before you vote


October 27, 2022

To The Eagle:

Things to ask yourself before you vote democrat are worth asking. Will you vote for the ongoing deterioration of our military?, the decline of our standard of living?, the erasure of our national border?, or the basic moral and civil code? Will you support kicking parents out of their say in their kids’ education?, or the sterilization of minors with government gender bending? Do you support abortion up to the moment of birth?, the destruction of US industry?, the demonization of half or more of our population?, or herding people into tribes? Do you cheer on nuclear war?

Dennis Prager, one of our most wise commentators, has said “ The ancients, who invented democracy, knew that pure democracy [ie the majority rules] is tyranny.” “We don’t like people who wear glasses [shout out to Pol Pot], or people with red hair.” The majority could vote to jail and execute them.

. . .

There is light at the end of this tunnel. Elections. We can pull out of this death spiral. Vote Republican. Vote red. Vote for Joe Kent, for Tiffany Smiley, and for Republican state candidates.

We do have a Constitution. Let’s keep it.

Mike Swift



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