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October 27, 2022

To The Eagle:

MAGA zealots still believing the 2020 election was stolen from former President Trump have crafted a plan that, in their telling, will thwart ‘cheating’ in this year’s midterm elections.

Their strategy? For voters who receive a mailed ballot- hold onto it and hand it in at a polling place or election office on Nov. 8 at the last minute. The plan is based on unfounded conspiracy theories that voting systems will be manipulated to rig results for Democrats once they have seen how many Republican votes have been returned early- an absurdist’s conspiracy requiring the collusion of 117 thousand polling stations nationally.

Republican election deniers cling tenaciously to the twin paranoid beliefs that (a) voting by mail is biased toward Democrats- a delusion disproved by much research, and (b) that as the number of voters increase, the chances of Republicans’ success, decreases. No such correlation has been proven. Republicans justifiably fear that a large midterm turnout will reject their alarmist messaging.

As a substitute for constructive, socially beneficial ideas and policies that the party of the Big Lie has been unable to produce, the GOP’s toxic leadership offers a poisonous brew of voting obstruction strategies, outrageous gerrymandering, stolen election conspiracies and the unconscionable distortion of every social issue likely to inflame gullible Conservative voters.

The malevolent illusion of an ‘election integrity crisis,’ created by Republicans possessing no integrity whatsoever, is designed to panic and confuse you into questioning the value of your ballot. Don’t buy their lies. Vote!

JB Bouchard, Puget Island


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