McKean is ready


October 27, 2022

To The Eagle:

I urge the citizens of Wahkiakum County to vote for Holly McKean for prosecutor. I worked for the City of Port Townsend's City Attorney Office when Holly joined the office. In fact, I was one of her tutors as she completed the APR 6 program You may not be familiar with the program, but as someone who both graduated from law school and has now tutored two law clerks as they study the law, I can assure you that the law clerk program is a vigorous legal education that more than prepares someone to practice law. Law school teaches a student how to read a case, while a law clerk learns to be a lawyer. I had to wait until after I passed the bar to get the type of practical education that Holly had from the very beginning.

. . .

Holly's growth as a person and an attorney is amazing. I watched her overcome fears and learn confidence. She can hold her own in any courtroom. She is smart, capable, and organized. She had to be to conquer her many mountains. She will her same grit to this next challenge.

Heidi Greenwood, Port Townsend


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