We are in trouble


October 27, 2022

To The Eagle:

First, I am not enamored with either the Democratic or the Republican party. Corruption and incompetence are rampant on both sides of the aisle. However, Trump and Trump sycophants (?psychophants? – my word) have dragged the once respectable political party into the mire. How could our proud republic allow itself to be presented to other nations by a vulgar, uncultured, loud-mouthed, racist, misogynist buffoon - and consider to do so again?

Has any previous president been laughed at during a meeting of the United Nations, been so ignorant of protocol as to shove another country’s prime minister out of his way, been so uncouth as to step in front of an elderly queen (at least he did not grab her inappropriately), shared ‘love letters’ with dictators, or been sued in so many courts? Are there no viable Republican presidential candidates whose oratory can be understood by a moderately intelligent listener?

On the other hand, can the Democratic party not find a presidential candidate whose life expectancy exceeds 15 years? Is a young country like ours really best served by septugenarians? People, we are in deep trouble!

Ursula Petralia



Reader Comments(1)

Louie57 writes:

Well said!! I have never been more frightened for our country. Please people think hard about how you want our country to continue, go backwards or move forward without fear. I pray that we will make the right choice's for all of us and vote with your heart and not with hate and anger.


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