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Bigelow, Strong lead local races

Two incumbent Wahkiakum County officials have apparently defeated challengers and won re-election to their offices.

In a tight race, Democrat Dan Bigelow leads Independent challenger Holly McKeen 1,093 to 963 in Tuesday's count.

County elections officials said they had another 300 ballots left to count, and more may arrive in the mail before the next count today (Thursday) at 5 p.m. The county had a 61.43 percent voter turnout.

In the county's other contested race, incumbent Gene Strong leads challenger Blair Brady 1,311 to 576 in the race for District 3 county commissioner. Strong ran as an Independent, and Brady stated no party preference.

County voters approved a measure to impose a sales and use tax to raise funds for radio communications improvements by a 1,361-723 vote. Law enforcement, fire departments and emergency responders, school districts, and utility crews all use the system.

In a race watched across the nation, Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez holds a lead over Trump endorsed Republican Joe Kent in the election for District 3 seat in the US House of Representatives. Kent led Wahkiakum voting 1,133-957, 53.98% to 45.59%, but Gluesenkamp Perez led 52.62% of the vote to 46.8%.

In Pacific County, Gluesenkamp Perez led Kent 4,929-4,478.

Here are other results from Tuesday's tallies:

Wahkiakum County

Assessor: Independent Falon Hoven ran uncontested and received 1,616 votes.

Auditor: Incumbent Independent Nicci Bergseng was re-elected with 1,570 votes.

Clerk: Incumbent Democrat Kay Holland was re-elected with 1,473 votes.

District Court Judge (non-partisan): Incumbent Heidi Heywood was re-elected with 1,546 votes.

Public Utility District Commissioner (NP): Incumbent Dennis Reid was re-elected with 1,491 votes.

Sheriff: Incumbent Independent Mark Howie was re-elected with 1,617 votes.

Treasurer: Incumbent Independent Tammy Peterson was re-elected with 1,601 votes.

Pacific County

In the race for county sheriff, Republican Daniel C. Garcia leads Independent Robin Souvenir 5,068-4,147.

In the race for county commissioner, Independent Jerry Doyle leads Michael "Hawk" Runyon, no party preference stated, 5,082-3,206.

In the race for PUD District 2, commissioner 3, Michelle Layman leads Dick Anderson 4,730-3,536.

All candidates for local offices were unopposed: Assessor Bruce Walker; Auditor Joyce Kidd; Clerk Emma Rose; Treasurer Renee L. Goodin, and Prosecuting Attorney Michael Rothman.

The county had 56.76 voter turnout; 186 ballots were left to count; next count is Nov. 14, 4 p.m.

US Senator

Wahkiakum County: Tiffany Smiley R 1,242; Patty Murray D (incumbent) 865.

Pacific County: Murray D 4,698; Smiley R 4,760.

State wide: Murray D 56.92% of the vote; Smiley 42.89%.

US House of Representatives

Wahkiakum County: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez D 957; Joe Kent R 1,133.

Pacific County: Perez D 2,713; Kent R 1,718; .

District 3: Perez D 52.62% of votes; Kent R 46.8%.

Washington Secretary of State

Wahkiakum County: Steve Hobbs D 764, Julie Anderson NP 1,168.

Pacific County: Anderson NP 4,861, Hobbs D 4,044.

State wide: Hobbs D 49.97% of vote; Julie Anderson NP 46.92%.

Legislative Dist. 19, Pos. 1

Wahkiakum: Jim Walsh R (incumbent) 1,277; Kelli Hughes-Ham 817.

Pacific: Walsh R 4,986; Hughes-Ham D 4,420.

Dist. 19: Walsh R 59.97% of vote; Hughes-Ham 39.93%.

Legislative Dist. 19, Pos. 2

Wahkiakum: Joel McEntire R 1,282; Kara Cusack D 815.

Pacific: McEntire R 4,916; Cusack D 4,426; Hegstad P 633.

Dist. 19: McEntire R 59.43%; Cusack D 40.45%.

Legislative Advisory No. 39

To impose a tax on aircraft fuel to support government spending:

Wahkiakum: Repeal 1,461, maintain 571.

Pacific: Repeal 6,148, maintain 2,924.

Statewide: Repeal 59.24%, maintain 40.76%.

Legislative Advisory No. 40

To impose premiums on transportation network companies to provide workers' compensation to their drivers:

Wahkiakum: Repeal 1,346, maintain 665

Pacific: Repeal 5,574, maintain 3,455.

Statewide: Repeal 53.03%; maintain 46.97%.


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