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Trump's allies pled the fifth

To The Eagle:

So, a recent contributor “wants the truth” heard about Jan 6th.

Good luck with that. Trump’s closest allies, whom he presidentially pardoned after their convictions for election related crimes, have “pled the 5th” against self incrimination while under oath to the Jan 6th investigation.

Trump’s legal team, paid for by your “Save America” contributions, has surely warned him that lying while under oath to the Jan. 6th investigators would be a crime -- perjury. That must be a bit of a conundrum for the Biggest Liar in the nation. He’ll plead the 5th.

Others from Trump’s regime have presented damning testimony, also while under oath, regarding his incredibly successful efforts to undermine the electoral process.

Closed doors, open doors, televised or not, it makes no difference. Testimony will be taken “under oath” before witnesses as it is in other federal investigations, and then entered into the record. That’s the democratic process -- slow, deliberate and fatally vulnerable.

MAGA has declared war on that process. It’s a war they will eventually win. All this will become moot when Trump or one of his clones is elected and continues dismantling the faltering experiment that is America, until it fails, and The Party triumphs over the law, the people, and the nation.

As George Orwell posited in “1984," ignorance will prove to be the greatest of all strengths.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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