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Legislators are tax hungry thugs

To The Eagle:

Washington State has been a Democratic regime since 1985. I regard today’s legislators as tax hungry thugs; take for example vehicle tabs. Twice it was on the ballot a $30 vehicle tabs only; it passed both times, in 2002 and 2019. Once again, after paying $30 the first year, they disrespected our votes and resumed adding taxes/fees the following year. To this day, they continue to add taxes, fees and regulations to the point that American business people cannot prosper. Is that what we hired these thugs for? For them to sit on their behinds thinking of ways to burden us with more taxes, fees and regulations? They’re paid a monthly salary; plus we pay their healthcare, benefits and reimbursements. I recall many businesses were able to provide health insurance and benefits for their employees but not anymore. Why?

I’d like to know how our votes got counted. Are they hand-counted or through a machine? I do not believe the American people would happily vote to raise high inflation; ban fossil fuels; pay high price in gas and food; allow BLM/Antifa to vandalize people, their properties, what’s worse letting them get away with it; allow homelessness; mandate lockdowns that ruined families’ livelihoods economically, physically and mentally, wear masks and get vaccinated against our will; give thousands of illegal immigrants free cell phones and health care; hire 87,000 weaponized IRS agents; spend trillions of our money to foreign affairs receiving nothing in return; allow the Biden regime to call American people white supremacist racist Nazis. There’s more but I’m tired.

We’re either outnumbered with programmed people living among us or our votes got rigged again.

My opinion, the Democratic legislators have done nothing worthy for the American people. They cheat and break laws. They don’t embody democracy or the republic of the USA.

Toni Below



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