Democracy survives, but hope for the best


November 24, 2022

To The Eagle:

Democracy survives.

Thank you Americans, who came out to vote, denying election deniers a political post. Most of us realized the importance of the election and our future as a democracy. I am also thankful the political ads are done.

While the House, Senate, and presidency were in control by Democrats, the infrastructure bill was finally addressed, as promised by former presidents. The CHIPS bill, to get some independence from foreign sources. Veterans care. Signed the most significant gun violence prevention legislation in nearly 30 years. More Americans are insured than ever before, including 5 million people insured since 2021. A 3.7% unemployment rate, near a 50-year low. Fully vaccinated 78% of American adults against covid-19. Over 15 million households receive lower-cost or free high-speed internet. Stocks have been bumpy, but up considerably since 2020. NATO, almost brought down during the prior administration has revived its strength and importance, in standing up to Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Next year the Republicans take charge of Congress, hopefully, they have some good policies to implement for the country. Sadly the first words from the presumptive speaker were not of great policies but instead political investigations of everyone from the prior two years. I will keep hoping for decency, caring, and less violence from all Americans.

Poul Toftemark



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