Oil is paramount to energy


December 1, 2022

To The Eagle:

It seems my recent Letter to The Eagle had too much math for Mr. Bouchard to process.

He expressed I stated “the glaringly obvious” about President Biden’s role in our high inflation. Mr. Bouchard had a recent epiphany, hallelujah! His ad nauseam letters don’t illustrate his new heightened enlightenment.

His LOE dated 10/16 states “Inflation at the pumps, supermarkets and anywhere else consumers are feeling the burn is the fault of industry, not the fault of the administration currently in power.” “Whine all you want about the Biden administration, but price inflation is being caused by corporate greed.”

Or LOE dated 9/8 “He is now being blamed for turbulent domestic economy, only to be buffeted anew by economic fallout of Russian aggression.” I eviscerated this false “talking point,” yes with facts and math.

Let’s be honest here, if Mr. Biden or Mr. Bouchard understood a wit about economics they would realize if you limit the production of a “widget”(an Econo 101 term when referring to products, supply and demand) the price always increases. Biden’s war on oil production, radical green energy agenda and his overspending initiatives has caused the historic spike of inflation, not the pandemic or Putin. Oil is paramount to energy and also a key ingredient to manufacturing, commerce and transportation.

It’s ironic how one’s incessant LOE writing and partisan blather can easily be referenced. As a Republican more eloquent than I, Abraham Lincoln said. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak (or write) and remove all doubt.”

Dirk Zeller

Bend Oregon


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