Optimistic writer hopes for Republican redemption


December 8, 2022

To The Eagle:

By the time this comes out, we will know if Republicans still believe in family values, or simply a puppet R vote. As an optimist, I keep hoping Republicans will once again redeem the party.

I filled the tank for $ 3.49, so that is finally going down. Looking at corporate profits, in oil and food, I wonder how they sleep while we pay high prices. Perhaps a tax break for the rich and big corporations, would trickle down to us? Not, never has.

There seems to be a lot of pessimism, yet hiring and unemployment is staying steady, Dow Jones is up 10,000 points since 2020. We finally got an infrastructure deal made, promised by prior administrations. The CHIPS deal will help with or security and add jobs. So, on that note, I ask you to consider your blessings.

While in Ukraine, people are being slaughtered by Putin. I can still see 45, saying he believes Putin, over our intelligence. We had and still have, many who deny our elections, mostly since the denier-in-chief repeated the Big Lie, over and over, and to this day still does.

Sadly voting rights, will now be off the Congress's agenda, as will child credits, child care, education (except for banning books and teaching history) and other such helpful proposals, directly helping our country.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving; time to get a tree up.

Poul Toftemark



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