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Port 1 commission cover variety of issues

During public comment at the Wahkiakum County Port 1 Board of Commissioners meeting last Thursday, Javier Sanchez, one of the owners of River Mile 38 Brewery, expressed a concern about sewer and electrical lines to the new taproom at the waterfront, which had been placed in the same trench.

“[General Manager] Dan Kay with the PUD is not a big fan of the sewer running within those lines, in case there is any access needed underneath,” he said. “It has now become a problem for us.”

Port 1 counsel Tim Hanigan suggested that he and Sanchez talk about the matter after the meeting. Hanigan later reported that the port would reroute the sewer line, as it was their obligation.

The commissioners approved a resolution appointing Mackenzie Jones, the port’s administrative assistant, to act during Port Manager Todd Souvenir’s absence for up to 10 days. The resolution would allow her to do so in cases of vacation leave, sick leave, or emergencies. After the 10 day period, the port’s attorney would act until the manager returns to duty or a replacement is appointed.

Commissioners also rescheduled a discussion about the possible placement of a hangar on F dock until Souvenir’s return.

Maintenance Manager Jerry Nakonsky said that he was able to get the dredge and the motor for the port skiff up and running. The dredge sank on November 13, and the skiff capsized. He asked for and was given the all clear to move the A-frame cabins on the waterfront up to Wesley Road, as the port prepares for a project to bring electricity to the dike.

Commissioner Brett Deaton reported on the new fish cleaning table that is planned to replace the one currently in front of the brewery’s new building. He said it would be smaller, covered, and that hoses would hang from above and not lay on the ground as they do now. The new table will be moved closer to the fisherman’s memorial.

Deaton said they just needed a couple bids and that they hoped to have it completed before the salmon season started in March. He wants to avoid any chance of fishermen cleaning fish in the marina, which would draw sea lions.

The board was reorganized for 2023. Deaton will step into the role of president, Commissioner James Sorenson will act as vice president, and Commissioner Scott Anderson will be the secretary.


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