Mr. Brawn wore his love of country on his sleeve


December 22, 2022

To The Eagle:

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Howard Brawn in last week’s Wahkiakum Eagle.

I will miss his insightful thoughts put to pen in his frequent letters to the editor; those letters were informative, not nasty or hateful as some other frequent writers.

I have to wonder how many of us here know what an interesting, adventurous and exceptional life he lived and through it all he never forgot how blessed he was to live in this amazing country he loved so much and I mean every acre of it.

Howard, or should I say Mr. Brawn, wore his love of country on his sleeve, never shying away from good honest debate; not like some of the woke bomb throwers that are incapable of honest debate.

To Howard's wife and family I offer my and my wife's deepest sympathy but also want to assure you that although men like Howard leave us they are never gone so long as one patriot lives and loves his country half as much as Howard did. They will always serve as a reminder of him and what he believed.

I pray God accepts this remarkable man into Heaven because he has proven his worth here on earth and I have to believe the angels will love reading the letters he is sure to write.

Paul Schreiber



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