Remind the government they are employees


December 22, 2022

To The Eagle:

We all know for the money we spend on private businesses, we always get something in return like clothing, dining, etc. It also goes to pay salaries for their laborers. When private business is not prospering, depending on the situation, they have to lay off their laborers or close shop.

We all know the government gets their money that pays salary to their employees, from laborers that worked in private businesses. Go online and search government agencies A-Z As you scan through that list and the amount of employees that worked for these agencies, ask yourself what do the laborers get in return? Whoosh. Nothing. In 2021, over 18 million people worked for the states and locals; that does not include federals. Their salaries ranged per year from $40,000-$200,000, benefits and health care included. This means 10 to 25% are taken out of the laborers’ paychecks just to pay billions of dollars toward government salaries alone for zero services.

Yes, I hear the government employees say they pay taxes. They somewhat do but sadly, they're not seeing the picture that their full salary comes from at least a quarter taken out of the homeowners and laborers’ paychecks.

The only government agencies worthy are our military and law enforcements. They put their lives on the line for us. Sadly they are paid zilch compared to those that sit at their desk typing away permits, records, whatever that serves no purpose for us. No wonder we are in constant debt. Is this just and right?

If our legislators truly care for the American family, the democracy and the republic of the USA, they would lower taxes, close shops on worthless government agencies, eliminate regulations and fees. Remind the government they are employees and laborers employed by us.

Toni Below



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