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Hope everyone has a happy Christmas

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BEEN COLD--I hope you survived the arctic blast that we had last week, as it certainly was chilly around these parts. Those low 20 degree temperatures certainly make my ole bones ache, along with making those roads slick with ice and heavy frost. By the time you read this, we may have already had another round of freezing temps and even some snow, but with ever changing weather models, I guess we will just have to wait and see what we get. Personally, I’d just as soon not have a white Christmas as I know a lot of folks are traveling over the holidays and those snowy conditions can cause a lot more accidents and I don’t think any of us would want that for a present, so here’s hoping any inclement weather shows up after we’ve enjoyed time with our families!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 22-28 are Kyla Gribskov, Garrett McClain, Grant Turner, Lorraine McNally, Don Cooper, Tyler Gorley, Wendy Lechner, Brittany Vik, Linda Price, Lauren Elfers, Kole Langston, John Hoven Jr., Shelby Mace, Libby Thomas Ravander, Nancy Bielman, Cayln Fritzie, Dylan Ravander, Alayna Davis, Alex Everman, Lee Tischer, Kohl Bergseng, Rhonda Wright, Jasper LaBerge, Dan Bardsley, Traci Williams, Megan Elliott, Matt Kuhl, Mason Davis, Marja Ringen, Arve Ronninghaug, Ron Clement, Emma Pedersen, Toby Bell and belated birthday wishes go to Alba Mayuncaldi, who celebrated her special day this past Sunday.

Celebrating their anniversaries this week are Armondo and Kristie Andreas-Donias and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Thacker. Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful time as you celebrate your special days.

THURSDAY BREAKFAST/SHOEBOXES--If you haven’t been to the Free Community Breakfast at the Skamokawa Grange Hall, you’re certainly welcome to attend today, Thursday Dec. 22 from 10 until noon. Bring a goodie with you to share if you like, and as always, if you like to drink your coffee in your favorite mug, bring it along!

Also, the folks operating the Shoeboxes of Joy Wahkiakum, will be there working away like crazy as they wrap shoeboxes and stuff them with goodies to deliver to those who might otherwise not get a gift at Christmas time. Super nice gesture for sure. If you have any items to donate, today would be the day to do so and if you want to help you can come down and do that too.

A GLTICH?--It seems that multiple internet issues were to be had around the area and it didn’t seem to matter who your carrier was as it was either not working or it was really, really slow. I am currently operating on the “send it now while I can” mode, so often times I’m not truly finished with this column, but considering that if I wait, it might not get sent at all, I just hit the “send” button. We have all gotten so dependent on electronics for everything these days, that it’s super annoying to have them inoperable multiple times a week. At any rate, here’s to a “glitch free” holiday so our calls can be made and our emails sent and our payments don’t get delayed!

BUSY WEEKENDS--These past two weekends were slammed with things to do and one had to be a real “Houdini” to manage them all, but I hope you were able to at least enjoy some of these events. I got to enjoy a few of them, and was happy to learn at the German Club's dinner that they had raised enough money for the class to go to Germany. How great is that?! Anyway, that will certainly be an adventure that those students will never forget so “kudos” to them for raising the funds and also for those supporting them. I’m not sure when they are going but I can’t wait to hear how their trip turns out!

NICE VISIT--Former resident and classmate of mine, Pam Lazor, was back in town for an early holiday get-together with her family and I was so glad it worked out that I was able to have a good visit and meet some more of her family as well. It’s always great to keep in touch with our friends via mail or email but there’s nothing like getting a good hug from them when you see them in person!

I did manage to “accidently” have a video chat with another classmate, Elaine Rolf, this past weekend and we chuckled as to how that happened; we old folks don’t always do these new fangled things on our phones and computers very well! At any rate, she was enjoying her new home in Texas and especially the sunshine part. When you’re raised in the PNW and your birthday and your Christmas gatherings are always in the cold and rain or snow, and you suddenly get to enjoy them in the sun, well, that’s quite a nice change. I have to say, I was a bit jealous as I sat here all bundled up in my sweater and sweat pants with the heat on!

WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST--As we go into this weekend with Christmas Eve on Saturday evening and Christmas Day landing on a Sunday, I hope everyone can get to where you’re going to celebrate in a safe manner, and if you get to stay home and have family come to you, we hope you have a great visit with your family and your friends too. If you happen to have celebrated a little early this year like many of us did, I hope your “quieter Christmas” is enjoyable as well.

If you’re going into the Christmas weekend missing someone from your table for the first time, it can be a rough one. I know this first hand, as years ago, my Dad died on Christmas morning. As tough as it may be, take heart in knowing they wouldn’t want you to be sad. Celebrate the day and the season in honor of them and maybe even perform an act of kindness in their memory and I can assure you, it will make you smile knowing you’ve made someone else's day a little bit brighter. Have a Merry Christmas, everybody, and a Happy New Year next week!


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