Neither political party is perfect


December 29, 2022

To The Eagle:

Now that Christmas is finally past, our CHINO (Christian in name only) friends can return to the thoughtless cruelty they're so good at. I well imagine the Lord and Savior was appalled that the powers that be in Texas couldn't even wait until after the birthday of the Lord to bus several dozens of immigrants to well below freezing Washington DC and dropping them off, infants included, in front of the vice president’s residence. Some of these folks were without shoes and none were prepared for the weather. Just shouts out the values of the perpetrators for such a crude, mean thing. And then they wonder why so many were voted out of office. Hmm....

Perhaps what they're selling is what many aren't buying. When they have a war on women, war on the less fortunate, war on honesty and truth, it doesn't appear to leave enough on the table to feed the populous hungry for solutions rather than nothing but more lies and looking back rather than forward. Good luck Grand Old Party. Of course the Donkey party isn't perfect, either.

James Roberts



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