Horse and buggy days were clean, cheap


January 19, 2023

To The Eagle:

I will never buy an EV car. I’ve read many negatives about them. While it takes an hour or more to charge a cell phone, iPad, iPhone, imagine how long it would take charging a car? Besides, charging an EV, the cost would be outrageous. To fill up and pump the car with gas would take less than three minutes.

The idea to put charging stations by the bank, I don’t mean to sound harsh, is not smart. I wasn’t aware charging stations were being built. Should it not have been on the ballot for the people of Wahkiakum County to vote on it? Who is going to pay for the upkeep? How is this going to affect the usage of electricity? What will happen if the power goes out? Will there be a moratorium if the power gets low?

The consumer reports are now finding EV’s have maintenance problems. This means these high-priced cars will be useless. This is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The basic components on an EV car are lithium batteries. When these batteries are no longer good, are they environmentally safe to throw away? I feel safer riding a horse to town than driving an EV filled with volts and wattage. Maybe the council should think about putting in a bin next to the charging stations to shovel up horse manure droppings left behind in town and even add a couple of hitching posts.

It should be the people’s choice if they want to drive an EV or gas powered car. With this so-called climate or global change that many are concerned about, perhaps we should go back to the horse and buggy days. At least it’s better for the environment; it is clean, safe and cheap.

Toni Below



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