Naselle GRV School Board begins planning process


January 26, 2023

On January 17, the Naselle GRV School Board met with long range strategic planning as a goal for the coming months. During the meeting, issues of transparency and process were on the table twice. One of the goals of the board set this school year is transparency for the public. With that goal in mind, at public comment this reporter asked that the Superintendent make every document given to the board for their meetings, available on the school’s web site and passed out with the other documents normally given at the beginning of the meetings. This would help the public understand the issues before the board and help the public fully understand the voting during the meetings. The board supported the request through a motion made by Amy Chadwick and Tyson Vogeler noted that district policy states those documents are to be available to the public. All meeting documents will be available to the public on the school’s website prior to the meetings and by paper at the meetings.

During the meeting, a proposed contract with Pacific County was on the agenda for the board to approve. Board member Tyson Vogeler made it clear that he would vote no due to the contract’s details and concerns whether the use of funds met legislative intent. He also asked why the board received a copy of the contract so late after hearing nothing for several months. Superintendent Nelson explained that she and Principal Justin Laine had worked on advertising the position and found a candidate they liked. She said that hiring is the prerogative of the superintendent and approved by the board. Since the board was asked to sign a contract funding the Student Interventionist position, Vogeler stated the board was responsible for that contract. Discussion went on among the board members until a significant amount of time passed. Vogeler then asked for a “call for question” in the proceedings and with four votes in favor and Vogeler’s one dissenting vote, it was clear the contract was approved. It was clear the board was reminded that when contracts are up for vote, the board needs to be fully involved in the process of developing that contract. Therefore, with votes in favor of signing the contract, the vote passed and Victoria Corona was hired as Student Interventionist.

The board also had continuing discussions concerning revisions to a policy on regulating dangerous weapons. After hearing public comments, action was tabled to the February meeting so further language revisions could be made. Before closing the meeting, the board set February 1 as the date for a committee meeting to develop a policy on parents as stakeholders. They are seeking volunteers for this committee and meetings are always open to the public.

At the February 7 board meeting, they will look at goals for the coming school year, review the data from the last public survey and develop another survey with more information requested from the public using the prioritized topics provided in the prior survey. All of this will be done in support of a strategic plan to be developed next year. The board will also evaluate the Superintendent at the February meeting.

As a reminder, may it be noted that since the school district’s area is unincorporated, the school board has both influence, as well as power within the community. Since it can request and receive grants for recreation as well as education and expansion, it is hoped that in their strategic planning process they will consider ideas for funding that might be requested for funds made available by President Biden’s pandemic funding for infrastructure. Therefore, sending in the next survey will be important for both the school and the public. The next school board meeting will be on February 17 at 6:30 in the school library. All ideas for infrastructure may be requested according to my understanding of the federal funds available.


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