Local heroes praised


January 26, 2023

To The Eagle:

This is a shoutout to some of my heroes. First is soon to be 90, Lou Cunningham. She likes to make knit hats. She gave me over 200 hats for Santa to pass out to all the students and workers at the grade school. And she wants to do it again this year.

Next is Lacy Woodside Vik, not turning 90. For Thanksgiving she takes dinner packages to needy people. At Christmas she delivers gifts, lots of gifts, to deserving households. Santa went with her at Christmas and it was an awesome experience. At one stop Santa saw one of the students wearing the knit hat she got the day before at the grade school.

And the last hero, for now, is almost 90, Jean Mora. You may have seen her at The Cottage handing out menus and taking care of customers. One cold, wet, windy day I watched her cleaning up Strong Park. It was so cold that I didn’t really want to be out there with my dog.

Dennis Reid



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