Does Inslee think we're stupid?


February 9, 2023

To The Eagle:

Regarding the January 26 article in The Eagle “Inslee: Homeless programs need more money,” does Inslee think we’re stupid? To say that the homeless consist of people with chemical addiction and mental problems is an insult. The real problem is the homeless are families whose livelihoods have been ruined by Covid. When Trump was President, he ordered a lockdown but it lasted about a month. He put America back to work with no mandates of any kind and business was back to normal.

When Biden took over, he and the likes of him, Inslee is one, mandated lockdowns that dragged on for months. When lockdowns ended they added restrictions to private businesses that they need to do before they can open and they had to do it with their own money. Then more lockdowns followed. Families lost their jobs, lost their business that they worked their lifetime for and their home. They literally were forced to give away their home, and became homeless. Inslee is trying to cover his behind; he knows full well how and why the homeless.

He says homeless programs need more money? Yea, right. All he has to do is close shops on many worthless government agencies and lay off employees working in it, lower taxes, eliminate unnecessary regulations, restrictions and fees.

In doing so, our country and the American families would be in great shape physically, mentally and economically. Private businesses make America great, not the government except for our outstanding and brave military and law enforcements. Even the layoff employees would have a job working with private businesses or they can build a business of their own.

Inslee and the likes of him refused to do so; makes you wonder who they’re working for. Marxist? CCP? Certainly not for the USA.

Toni Below



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