How can everyone be wrong?


February 16, 2023

To The Eagle:

A couple of things to rant and rave about. First: the state of the union speech was lauded as the absolute, bar none, best speech EVER by the NPR crowd. A friend, aged as myself, sent me a link to Glenn Beck which I listened to. He stated point by point how it was absolutely the worst speech EVER. Hmm. How can anybody be right if everybody is wrong? I dearly wish my pen crossing friend Howard Brawn was here to contribute his wit and wisdom.

Second thing: Not sure if you were able to see the halftime show on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you were, I hope it didn't affect your opinion of our once great country. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever ever seen. How sad that a woman rubbing her crotch in front of literally millions of people around the world is an example of our music and our culture. My rant for this week.

James Roberts, Cathlamet


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