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What I miss most about Howard Brawn

To The Eagle:

I was reading a letter to the editor where the writer said that another writer the week before had expressed missing Howard Brawn’s letters. So do I. In fact I miss the person of Howard. And, I myself, sometimes strongly disagreed with a stance he took. So, for the people who miss “crossing swords” or just having intense discussions about all manner of things, I want to tell you what I miss most about Howard Brawn.

In intense differences of opinion in articles, he was never the one with his knickers in a twist. It didn’t make him hostile or accusing. He just disagreed as loud and committed to what he was thinking at the time. Because that’s who he was.

I also miss the kindness and dignity with which he treated people. Especially people who were “different” for one reason or another: struggling or probably not going to be hired “by the very educated, or having mental health issues, or some of all of the above.

I am one of the people on that list. And I was always treated with dignity and respect, with a big splash of humor and some really great stories.


Dawn Hampton



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