Shut down all CCP operations in the US


February 23, 2023

To The Eage:

Has the Longview TDN or CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC reported that LA and NYC permit CCP (Chinese Communist Party) police stations into their cities? Why on earth would LA and NYC allow CCP police stations on USA soil? If they exist in LA and NYC, in a matter of time it will spread across the USA. Already, they exist in Toronto, Canada, Western Europe, South America, Africa and other countries. So why are they here? Why is the news media silent? This is important information; we need to know what is going on in our country. Makes you wonder who the news media works for?

I hate politics. I want no part of it but have I lost all trust and confidence in our legislators. They’re scum that live off of our wages and use our money for their own agenda. Even if we speak out and mandate them to clean up their acts, they won’t. Right now they’re programming our minds to say all is well, inflation gone down, employment on the rise which you know darn well it’s false. The real issue we need to program our mind to is China. It is they that we need to worry about. The scum who disguised themselves as Democrats, Liberals and Republicans are liars; not all but the majority are. They discreetly assist the CCP into our country. Laugh as you may and think conspiracy or disinformation, but it’s happening. Do your research. Our country is not the same as it was over three years ago. In order for us to get our country back, we need to drain these scum out of our country and shut down all CCP operations on USA soil. Otherwise, we may as well kiss our USA and our freedom goodbye.

I miss Howard Brawn.

Toni Below



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