CRT is actual history


To The Eagle:

To say I was shocked by Fox News being for entertainment only would do a disservice to my integrity. When they finally admitted it was when I was shocked, but only for a moment. When it was revealed that the powers that own and run the network were losing audience and money, they quickly reversed themselves and went back to telling sweet lies to the folks that wanted nothing to do with the actual truth. Of course their ratings along with audience went back to their previous levels.

Somewhat along the same lines is the regrettable stance taken by Florida's Ron DeSantis. This guy is the epitome of fascism with his denial of history, biology and anything else that is a positive force for the advancement of society. WOKE is awareness of others needs and feelings. You know, sort of like the Jesus of legend was supposedly all about. CRT is actual history which isn't for the purpose of making anybody feel good or bad, just aware of what our colorful history actually is.

So much easier to put our heads down in the sand and just pretend all is grand.

James Roberts



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