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To The Eagle:

A letter in last week’s Eagle written by the liberal Town Crier loaded with a ton of personal beliefs purported to be facts can not go unchallenged.

I grew up in New York City in integrated neighborhoods, went to school where I was the only White kid in my classes for years. I was one of only two whites in our large Cub Scout Den and Boy Scout Troop. I served in the Army with many black soldiers. I have been in three integrated Labor Unions. So I have been a member of the great American melting pot and referred to by my many Black friends as a blue eyed soul brother.

Now for the record this nonsense that the term WOKE was used by Black men and women is a bunch of baloney, I never heard that term uttered by anyone of any color, before the Left came up with it.

The only thing these Liberals care about is breaking down the norms of society. These clowns couldn't care less about Black Americans in general and hate Black Americans that don't buy the liberal garbage the left is selling.

Why do Liberals love to talk about the very few white supremacists all the time and never once talk about the hate groups such as the Black Panthers or BLM? The answer is simple: the truth doesn't serve their purpose of fostering hate among the races.

All Americans I believe should remember the important teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and stop listening to the hate propaganda from the left. God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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