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Government's role is not to solve society's problems

To The Eagle:

State and Federal legislators need to focus on helping citizens by “reducing the burden” of unethical government regulations and oppressive taxation. Government’s role is not to solve society’s problems, but to “prevent government created problems” from occurring which hurt society by legislative design.

My wife and I request that all legislators judge every bill with a mature analysis, [1] will this bill reduce or increase government regulatory burdens forced on citizens? [2] will this bill reduce or increase government spending and destructive tax burden of citizens? It is unethical to use taxation authority, as a punishment of those you disagree with.

Elected legislators must never vote to hurt society for political gain (arrogant and pompous). Always show personal integrity by demanding ethical and morally sound governance by every member of your legislative body. Elected “public servants” are not leaders of society, but rather they work for society. “Do no harm” should be the legislative motto, placed above every doorway into your legislative chamber. Please explain how tax increases "reduce the burden" of government on our society? Reality: Government Debt created today, will be paid by those born today.

Rick Fritz



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