Here is what frightens us about injustice


March 30, 2023

To The Eagle:

Mr Bouchard, here is what “frightens us” about “social justice”:

"Social Justice" as practiced is a political nightmare that pursues stupidity for the sake of their own agenda. Allowing men to compete as women has destroyed female sports and invalidated real women’s accomplishments. We have an obese man who thinks he is a woman as our Secretary of HHS which is the antithesis of being mentally and physically healthy. We have a Transportation Secretary who takes two months “Paternity Leave” with his “husband” instead of dealing with a huge transportation crisis, and a Vice President with a failed record in her home state chosen for her race and gender.

“Social justice” is to justice what Christian science is to science, you don't need proof of anything to accuse someone of a crime of injustice, all it takes is how many people you can get to pressure the authorities to do as you say.

“Social justice” promotes ideas like “systemic racism” where every adverse experience that a minority, woman, or special interest group has must be attributable to some insidious or even “unconscious” bias.

“Social justice” deprives the brightest and most qualified students of their deserved place in universities by academic merit for the sake of accepting students who are perceived to be disadvantaged in some way, or for the sake of making the student body appear “equal.”

Math, Science and History are now dropped from many schools, standards are lowered so that all children get a passing grade. We are teaching our children mediocrity.

It is a perverted concept of actual justice that artificially balances natural inequalities in unjust ways.

Portland is a prime example of your “Woke” society, as are most Democrat run large cities.

We achieve true social justice by treating everyone equally as human beings. A good place to start would be to stop using identity labels to promote discrimination and incite division.

True equality is a state in which all people are treated equally according to their character, morals and values, not their skin color, race, nationality, religion, social standing, or sexual preference.

Michael Moneyhan

Puget Island


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