USA came first when Trump was president


April 20, 2023

To The Eagle:

Part two. For seven years how much have the Biden Regime used and spent our money on witch hunts and Ukraine as compared to helping American families whose lives, homes and towns have been ripped apart by crime and climate catastrophe?

Trump can be full of himself and he acts like a narcissist; but the regime is no angel. You’ve got to admit, when Trump was President, the USA came first. He built the Wall for security; got the Keystone Pipeline project started to supply our own oil, cut down taxes, regulations and restrictions for private businesses and severed ties with WHO, NATO, CCP and other foreign affairs. Our country flourished economically. You’d think the regime would be happy that our country flourished yet they still griped over who knows what. It’s obvious they don’t give a crap about the USA, us and our family.

You’ve got to admit the regime broke a few laws from the US Constitution; then had the gall to say ‘no one is above the law.’ Biden on his first day signed executive orders to shut down the Wall (we’re back to being bombarded with illegals, fentanyl, human/sex trafficking, drug cartels); shut down the Keystone Pipeline (we’re back relying on foreign countries); inflation skyrocketed damaging our families and country mentally and economically; they love to rule us with mandates that are unconstitutional. I suspect they want to rid the US Constitution of the Bill of Rights to go Global. Why else did they rejoin WHO, NATO, CCP and hired 87,000 weaponized IRS agents?

This is still the USA. The government does not have the authority to change, edit or add words to the US Constitution, the Amendments and the Bill of Rights written by our forefathers. It’s sacred like the Ten Commandments. The 2nd Amendment says we have the right to bear arms. That said, they cannot take away our rights, we do not need their permission or a permit to bear arms. Remind them of that. Amen.

PS: Richard Erickson’s letter last week was spot on.

Toni Below



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