April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April 27, 2023

To The Eagle:

"Midnight Caller": Terrified and out of breath from running, the slight figure ducked into a dark alley, to catche their breath. Fumbling for the crumpled scrap of paper, they found the hotline number that had been hurriedly ripped from the flyer, in a public restroom. A few weeks ago, fear had ended the call before it was completed. This time the number was punched-in and with trembling fingers, the "send" button was pushed, before the caller could change their mind, at 12:03 a.m., it was now or never. The situation had finally, literally come down to kill, or be killed.

It seemed an eternity before the Hotline Operator came on. The voice on the other end seemed gentle, patient and compassionate. The caller's story came tumbling out and the horror unfolded. The Hotline worker listened without interruptiing, except when a clarifying question needed to be asked. Arrangements were made for the caller to be taken to a safe place.

If you have been sexually abused (inappropriate/unwanted touching, molestation or rape by incest, partner or stranger, whether once or many times), there are people who care and want to help. No matter how the violation took place, you are not at fault! The shame and guilt belong to the abuser! Sexual assault and the abuser, thrive on secrecy. That's where all the power is. The bravest thing an abuse survivor can do, is to report the abuse. This courageous act, is when healing begins and is the first step in taking your power back. Locally, please call The Charlotte House at (360)- 795-6400 or The International Hotline 1-(866)-795-9381, if you are being hurt. Help is on the way!

Patricia Goodwin

The Charlotte House


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