Let kids be kids until they can mature


April 27, 2023

To The Eagle:

Nice letter last week, Paul. I imagine we're on the same page here with my week's rant.

I fail to understand how the issue of sexual identity is even an issue with teenagers. Why would there even be the need for laws in regard to sexual surgery to ‘correct' what God in His infinite wisdom has made a child to be? Unless a person is born a true hermaphrodite why would surgery even be considered? Even then it would seem prudent to allow the child to grow to the age of maturity and let them decide if they wanted ‘corrective' surgery. Drugs to block the normal growth of sexual characteristics? Are you serious? Let the kids be kids until they grow up enough to make an intelligent decision. Something not based on the latest fad or fashion. It's not a crime nor is it abnormal to be homosexual or bisexual even though some would like it to be. Obviously minding one's own business is not a feature of modern life in America.

It's very sad when books are banned, especially in the land of the free. Cancel culture has removed many truly remarkable books from our schools and even libraries. Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, for example. To Kill a Mocking Bird is another lost to the snivelling minority. We rail against the Taliban for destroying ancient statues while we destroy our own historical literature. Taking statues down, changing the names of places all to appease the few should not be a free country’s contribution to the history of the world.

I join with you, Paul, God Bless America.

James Roberts



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